4th & 7th

A New Experiential Film & Soundtrack Label


In etymology the ‘4th’ Art – is classified as music and the ‘7th’ – is film. Our premise for this label is to bring films that meld and push boundaries of our senses, that encourage discovery and take the audience into a higher consciousness with emphasis on experimentation.

The Whistler

Dir: Gisberg Bermudez | Country: Venezuela/Mexico/United States | Language: Spanish w/ English Subs | Genre: Supernatural, Family Drama | STATUS: COMPLETED 2018

A father wrestles with a curse and saving the soul of his daugther from a phantasmagorical figure.



The Gold-Laden Sheep and The Sacred Mountain

Dir: Ridham Janve | Country: India| Language: Gaddi w/ English Subs | Genre: Mystery, Ethno-fiction | STATUS: COMPLETED 2018

After an Air Force Jet crashes in the Dhauladhar mountain range, an old Shepherd leaves his Herd to find its pilot. The Mountain where the jet fell is sacred and the Shepherd’s intentions are not. He struggles across dimensions of time-space as he treads on forbidden grounds.

 The Gold-Laden Sheep & The Sacred Mountain