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our-evil-uk-dvd-1OUR EVIL (BR) HORROR 98 minutes | BUY NOW

Log: What would you do when the Devil is going to take your daughter’s soul? Executive Producers: alief LLC, Kauzare Filmes. Editor, Writer & Director: Samuel Galli. SALES: JINGA. Contact: Here 

“A gem that proves unpredictable, provocative, affecting and creepy, this may also become a break-out cult hit with discerning fright fans” Screen International

“Our Evil is a tightly wound smorgasbord showcasing a looming horror talent.” Starburst Magazine

“Our Evil is all at once a brutal hitman/serial killer thriller that evokes both The Sixth Sense and The Exorcist.” Sci Fi Now


  • World Premiere: Nights of Fear – 39th Moscow FF 2017
  • Winner: Best Latin American Feature Film – Macabro FF 2017
  • European Premiere: Discovery Section – London Frightfest 2017
  • In Competition: Panorama Fantastic – 50th Sitges Fantastic FF 2017
  • Winner: Best Director & Male Performance – A Night Of Horror 2017

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Negative NUmbers posterNEGATIVE NUMBERS (GE-FR-IT)

GEORGIAN Drama. Feature 98 minutes. Log: How the introduction of rugby reformed a forgotten generation of young prison inmates in Tbilisi, Georgia 2012. Producers: alief LLC, Magnet Films, Wide and 39 Films with the support of GNFC and EURIMAGES. Co Executive producer: 1991 Productions. Production Designer: Ika Avaliani. Director of Photography: Tato Kotetishvili. Writer & Director: Uta Beria. SALES: Wide Management

Eurimages-Supported Georgian Debut Film Shoots in Tbilisi”  Film New Europe 






ENGLISH SPANISH Horror Thriller Social Feature 100 minutes. Log: A central government officer has recruited a group of outcasts to bring him five severed zombie heads.  Their destination  is filled with thousands of walking dead in this thrilling adaptation of the popular comic book Illustrated by Marcelo Pont Verges (production designer of  Oscar Winner SECRET IN THEIR EYES). Producers: MADLOVE Group, alief LLC & 39 Films. Production Designer: Marcelo Pont Verges. Writer: Cesar Oropeza. Directors: Cesar Oropeza & Henry Rivero. STATUS: Financing.

Official Selection: Beyond The Window Pitching Sessions 2017 – Blood Window/Ventana Sur Market

“Genre takes center stage at Ventana Sur’s Beyond the Window pitching sessions” – Variety


Bold Photo Portfolio - Untitled PageNUKRI IS NUKRI (GE)

GEORGIAN Fantasy Drama Feature 108 minutes. Log: Nukri is a troubled young boy with special gifts in a dystopian world. Producers: Tree Art Pictures, alief LLC. Director of Photography: Nikita Babenko. Writer & Director: Salomeya Bauer. STATUS: Financing (GNFC in competition).



Seasons - CoverCLARA (US-GE-CO) (Based on Ivan Turgenev’s Clara Militch)

ENGLISH Gothic Romance Horror Feature 98 minutes. Log: haunting tale of a young woman who, feeling rejected by the object of her passionate love, thought that she could accomplish in death what she couldn’t in life, as her love is stronger than death. Producers: LAG Flicks, alief LLC, MADLOVE Group. Production Designer: Sergio Hernandez. Director of Photography: Manuel Alberto Claro. Writers: Letvia Arza-Goderich & Juan Gerard. Director: Juan Gerard. STATUS: Financing.





SHEIKMATE (US-GE) SPANISH. Crime Thriller Black Comedy Feature 95 minutes. Log: A conman rekindles an affair with the wife of his target while destabilizing a corruption ring in early 80’s Latinamerica. Producers: alief LLC, EO Integration. Writer:Bernardo Iszak. STATUS: Packaging. (Graphic artist Vincente Alcazar)




Nina WIPNINA (GE) GEORGIAN Drama Feature 96 minutes. Log: An 18 yr old small town girl is bridenapped by an older man, her refusal to follow traditions unravels a series of events that will propel her to a life of corruption and excess where she has to fight for her right to a better future. Producers: Magnet Films, alief LLC. Director: Kote Takaishvili. STATUS: Script Development (GNFC development funded).