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NEGATIVE NUMBERS (GE-FR-IT) 2019. Drama. Feature 98 minutes. Georgian w English Subs. Log: How the introduction of rugby reformed a forgotten generation of young prison inmates in Tbilisi, Georgia 2012. Producers: alief LLC, Magnet Films, Wide and 39 Films with the support of GNFC and EURIMAGES. Co Executive producer: 1991 Productions. Production Designer: Ika Avaliani. Director of Photography: Tato Kotetishvili. Writer & Director: Uta Beria. SALES: Wide Management




52582623_1718918131542807_2718852677919309824_oOUR EVIL (BR) 2017. Drama Horror. Feature 98 minutes. Portuguese with English Subs | Log: What would you do if the Devil is going to take your daughter’s soul? Executive Producer: alief LLC. Producer: Kauzare Filmes. Writer-Director: Samuel Galli. Distributors: Uncork’d/Dark Star (US-CA) Matchbox (UK-IE), Alamode (GE), Tema (ES), Premiere (BENELUX), Njuta (SCAN), Moviecloud (TW), O2 Play (BR).

unpredictable, provocative, affecting and creepy, a break-out cult hitScreen International

tightly wound smorgasbord- Starburst Magazine

evokes both The Sixth Sense and The Exorcist- Sci Fi Now


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ZANA_Promo StillZANA (AL-XK-GE) 2019. Drama. Feature 90min. Albanian w English Subs. Log: Riddled by night terrors and miscarriages, a Kosovar bride is sent to witch doctors who subject her to unusual rituals to cure her of black magic, but when she again becomes pregnant, her dark wartime past comes back to haunt her and her unborn baby. Producers: Crossing Bridges Films, On Film Production and alief. Director of Photography: Sevdije Kastrati. Written by: Antonetta Kastrati & Casey Cooper Johnson. Directed by Antonetta Kastrati.




0020 - CopyI LOVE ZOMBIES (CO-GE) 2020. Horror Thriller Social Feature. 100 minutes. Spanish with English Subs. Log: A central government officer has recruited a group of outcasts to bring him five severed zombie heads.  Their destination  is filled with thousands of walking dead in this thrilling adaptation of the popular comic book Illustrated by Marcelo Pont Verges (production designer of  Oscar Winner SECRET IN THEIR EYES). Producers: MADLOVE Group, alief LLC . Production Designer: Marcelo Pont Verges. Writer: Cesar Oropeza. Directors: Cesar Oropeza & Henry Rivero. STATUS: Financing.




Bold Photo Portfolio - Untitled PageNUKRI IS NUKRI (GE) 2020. Fantasy Drama Feature .108 minutes. Georgian W English Subs. Log: Nukri is a troubled young boy with special gifts in a dystopian world. Producers: Tree Art Pictures, alief LLC. Director of Photography: Nikita Babenko. Writer & Director: Salomeya Bauer. STATUS: Development.



SHEIKMATE-otra-picSHEIKMATE (US-GE) SPANISH. Crime Thriller Black Comedy Feature 95 minutes. Log: A conman rekindles an affair with the wife of his target while robbing a corruption ring in early 80’s Venezuela. Producers: alief LLC. Writer: Bernardo Iszak. STATUS: Development.