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Gentle Breath

International premiere Tallinn Black nights WINNER: Jury Award, Fipresci Award
Gentle Breath | Suave el aliento | Dir: Augusto Sandino | Country: Colombia

An old woman fights for her freedom, a sick man questions his existence, a “quinceañera” in love and on the verge of a tough decision. All of them looking for the affection that both unites and divides them. Fear, anguish, love, solitude, sporadic laughter all culminate in their everyday longing for a better tomorrow.

Drawing inspiration from his own personal experience, Sandino doesn’t deliver just another urban shortcut story. Bogotá appears painful yet vibrant in this exquisitely shot black and white film. “Gentle Breath” is a walk, a path without a precise destination, a track we all follow, a journey to a really personal world, moods we have all experienced, loving and hating simultaneously. By telling stories never told the filmmaker brings us a different kind of film that makes you feel closer to the rest of mankind.



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Directed by: Tinatin Kajrishvili
Original title: Patardzlebi
Year: 2014
Languages: Georgian
Subtitles: English
Duration: 93min

, a young mother, lives with her two children in a suburbs of Tblisi in Georgia. Her partner Goga is in prison. They get married, so she gains the right to talk to him once a month in the visiting room on the other side of the glass…

Kajrishvili’s debut feature joins the ranks of Georgia’s uneven but sporadically excellent New Wave” (Hollywood Reporter)
An impressive update of Greek tragedy as form in Brides…. a strong emotional story which builds up to a cathartic level” (Cineuropa)

Directed by: Eitan Anner
Original title: A quiet heart
Year: 2016
Languages: Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Duration: 92min

In present day Jerusalem, a city increasingly dominated by religious fanaticism, Naomi (Ania Bukstein), a secular young woman seeks refuge from the pressure of her life as a concert pianist. Overwhelmed by the expectations of her parents and her colleagues in Tel Aviv, Naomi seeks anonymity and solitude in the ancient city…

Directed by: Anna Di Francisca
Original title: Due uomini, quattro donne e una mucca depressa
Year: 2015
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Duration: 92min

is a composer blessed with great talent who, due to a combination of temperament and existential circumstances, has trouble accepting compromises; his creative and workday realities have become insufferable.
His sentimental life has borne the brunt of this dissatisfaction and this, in turn, has literally sent him reeling: his ability to make the best of it and seek compromise collapses beyond hope of repair. And this is when Edoardo takes a “sabbatical” of sorts.

Upon arriving in Spain, he’s a cynic, a nuisance and a bore, fed up with himself and dispirited, incapable of writing music in which he can recognize himself. His encounter/clash with that small town, its women, its colors and tastes, opens him up to life and heartfelt emotions again, giving him back the energy and inspiration to once again compose “his” music.
Like the women circling him, even Edoardo undertakes a pathway of change. What develops between Edoardo and the other characters is a therapeutic exchange of sorts, which comes about first and foremost through the communicative power of music.

Music, especially in an “aggregating” form like that of a polyphonic choir, manages to unite the most disparate and distant, creating a bond that cancels all social and cultural differences. Edoardo’s passion for music also becomes his means of redemption, both human and professional, as well as a way of reconciliation vis-à-vis with his own country, that Italy now so different and vulgar…