Ángeles Hernández and David Matamoros
Drama Comedy LGBT 83'
Spain Spanish (ENG Subs)
Awards Best Feature Honorable Mention Outshine 2021, Best Actor & Best Director FICPV 2020
Festivals Chéries-Chéris 2021, Out on Film 2021, Outshine 2021, IFFI Goa 2021, FICPV 2020, TLVFEST 2020, FICG 2020, WP Malaga 2020

"Juicy story set-up that gets juicier to the point of soaking wet."

- Michael Talbot-Haynes, Review (Film Threat)

Two childhood friends, Denis and Nacho, meet again years after having an intense relationship as teenagers. Now with their respective partners, the couples grow close and end up fulfilling each other's needs while breaking rules to discover their truths in the process.

Isaac [+] is the debut film from directing duo David Matamoros and Ángeles Hernández, who, until now, were known for their roles as producers. The film was screened in the Málaga Premiere section of the 23rd Málaga Film Festival. It also closed the 2020 edition of the Atlàntida Film Festival

Based on a script written by the directors and Antonio Hernández Centeno (on whose play, El día que nació Isaac, the film is based), the film employs two different timelines to depict clashing characters who are both full of tricks. The film tells the story of childhood friends: Nacho (played by Pepe Ocio, who played another questionable character in Like Foam [+]) and Denis (Iván Sánchez). One of these men is serious and upper class; the other, a freeloading bohemian.

After years of distance and silence, they meet in a café and seemingly regain those distant ties of trust, affection and complicity. Denis, who needs money for a business venture, doesn't hesitate in asking Nacho for a loan. From there begins a game of mutual dependencies in which the two men's partners – Marta (María Ribera, as disconcerting and magnificent as in Distances [+]) and Carmen (Erika Bleda) – are both implicated. And if this four-way collaboration was not complex enough, loose ends, social pressures, ambition, repressed desires and the guilt that has been weighing on the two men for many years further complicate this intense story of "polyamory".