NOCTURNA: Side B - Where Elephants Go To Die
Gonzalo Calzada
Experimental Suspense 67'
Argentina Spanish (ENG Subs)
Awards Best Feature Macabro 2021
Festivals Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre FF 2021, Macabro 2021

A woman narrates the final night on earth of a 100-year old man, whom fights for redemption from his life's misdeeds.

In "Nocturna: Side B – Where the Elephants Go to Die," Gonzalo Calzada churns out an aesthetically opposite experimental twist of the "Nocturna" story. Two worlds mixed together, while witnessing the elderly gentleman's struggles with grief and dementia, and how it affects those around him.

Gonzalo Calzada's parallel sequel is a metacinematic meditation on memory and mortality

Anton Bitel, Review JAN 2022 (Projected Figures)

Calzada’s ghosts and Soriano’s performance are genuinely haunting

Laura Clifford, Review JAN 2022 (Reeling Reviews)

"Nocturna" is headlined by Argentine actor and playwright Pepe Soriano, a 50-year industry veteran, three-time Argentine Critics Association Award-winner, Spanish Academy Goya Award nominee for his role as Franco's double in "Wait for Me in Heaven," and Valladolid best actor winner for his work in "El ultimo tren."

Marilu Marini, a star of French genre films from the '70s and '80s, plays opposite Soriano in a continuation of her career renaissance which includes 2017's "Los Que Aman Odian," Argentina's 2020 Oscar submission "The Sleepwalkers" and Netflix's French series "Vampires."