Mantas Kvedaravičius
Crime Drama 119'
Russian/English/Arabic/Turkish/Ukrainian (ENG Subs)
Festivals IFFI GOA 2021, Palic FF, Molodist ,FF Hisa Strpnosti FF 2020, L'Aquila FF, Scanorama FF, WP SIC Venezia FF 2019

In a derelict brothel at the foothills of an Athenian fortress, a man recounts the magnificent events of his life. His search for love and glory is retold and relived by many: a prostitute with an unredeemable past, a gangster haunted by bad luck, an icon painter who has no faith. Each life is played out but the outcome in one he knows will mean his death.

The blurred separation between fiction and documentary is reinforced
by a great cast including only non-professional actors, whose presence
on the screen recalls the real-life experiences that they have lived through.
Lithuanian filmmaker and academic Mantas Kvedaravičius' latest work, Parthenon [+], was presented during 2019's Venice International Film Critics' Week. His two previous features, Barzakh (2011) and Mariupolis [+] (2016), skillfully explored the themes of dreams and death, and art forms and warfare, respectively. On this occasion, Kvedaravičius chooses to focus his attention on body and memory, and his film is the result of ethnographic research that lasted three years, and which was conducted in Odessa, Istanbul and Athens.

Those who are familiar with (and fond of) hybrid genres, ethnographic documentaries and contemplative cinema will find an enriching, unforgettable visual experience. Kvedaravičius' directorial choices are brave and commendable; filmmakers of his kind guarantee the development of cinematic experimentation and remind us – rightfully – that there are plenty of unexplored narrative possibilities other than the ones offered by established fictional or non-fictional structures and formats.
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