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Ventana Sur’s Blood Window helps first-time director Samuel Galli and his production company Kauzare films find a global sales agent for their debut feature in Jinga Films

The U.K.’s Jinga Films has acquired world sales rights to Brazilian first time filmmaker Samuel Galli’s supernatural horror flick ‘Our Evil’.

“Our Evil” takes place in the underbelly of Sao Paolo, telling the story of a spiritualist who after receiving warning that a demonic power is coming to destroy his daughter’s soul, employs a serial killer in an effort to protect her.

The film begins as a standard slasher shock piece but takes a sharp turn as characters actions are given explanations and a more supernatural element, only hinted at in the first half of the film, is properly introduced and developed.

Galli uses the change in direction of the film to keep the audience guessing. “I think when you mix things up, you keep the audience always guessing and uncomfortable, like a violent scene and a soft song or a dark scene with elements of innocence,” he said.

Julian Richards at U.K. based Jinga Films said the film “combines the brutal realism of ‘Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer’ with the supernatural shock-tactics of ‘The Exorcist.’ The film uses Brazilian religious sentiments to elicit a style that Richards compares to the Coen Brothers 1984 classic ‘Blood Simple.’

Said Fright Fest’s Alan Jones: “‘Our Evil’ is shocking, surprising, gripping and always keeps you guessing.” He goes on to predict “Our Evil” will change the game for future Latin American genre cinema.

Snagging numerous awards and festival berths across Europe and the Americas and building a catalog containing films from around the globe over the last near 15 years, Jinga Films has positioned itself as a established player in the horror genre. Films it has handled include cult hit “A Serbian Film,” and “Outlanders,” which won both Best Picture and Best Feature Film at Cuba’s Gibara Low-Budget Film Festival.

Co-producers of the film from Alief + 4th & 7th Entertainment, Miguel Govea and Brett Walker had been pursuing Jinga for some time now, having introduced the piece to Jinga at past festivals. The film had up until now stayed under their radar but this week at Ventana Sur they took note for the first time. It was “Definitely a case of a producer’s rep knowing the best sales company for a film and making sure that company watched the film before any others,” said Richards.

Galli also acts as executive producer of the film alongside his associates at Kauzare Films, Tato Siansi and Victor Molin, and Alief + 4th & 7th’s Miguel Govea.

“When I arrived at Kauzare Films, it was a company that made commercials,” said Galli. “I started to write the script and we bought all of the equipment we needed based on the shots I had in mind, went to the set, and here we are.”

Going forward he says that he and his partners at Kauzare Films want their next project to be an international co-production but as for the immediate future, “Now we are gonna show the movie to the world. My head has lots of stories to tell and I am putting them on paper and developing them.”


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Come Cuddle Our Evil
Posted on February 2, 2017 by Steve Barton
Kids… we shoot these little scamps out of our bodies and are required to love them – even when they suffer demonic infestation. Which, by the way, is the best and least used reason to call in sick to work… “Sorry, not coming in today. Demons, man. They’re everywhere.”

In any event, read on for your first look at Our Evil!

From the Press Release:
Set in the seedy underbelly of Sao Paulo, Brazil, an exorcist (Ademir Esteves) uses the dark web to employ a serial killer (Ricardo Casella) to protect his daughter (Laura Pepita) from demonic possession. Samuel Galli directs.

Jinga CEO Julian Richards discovered OUR EVIL whilst serving on the jury of Blood Windows, a genre sidebar of the Latin American film market in Ventana Sur, Argentina. “It’s a sensational, stylized film with a narrative that keeps subverting your expectations,” said Richards. “It’s a brutal, terrifying experience, but at its heart it’s about the love a father has for his daughter and the sacrifices he will make to keep her safe.”

UK genre stalwart Kim Newman describes OUR EVIL as “a shoo-in for a remake rights sale, but also a possible break-out cult hit with discerning fright fans willing to embrace the subtitled likes of Martyrs, Let the Right One In, or Under the Shadow.”

Alan Jones, director of the UK’s leading genre festival FrightFest, describes the thriller as “shocking, surprising, gripping, and always keeps you guessing. OUR EVIL will change the game for future Latin American genre cinema.”

Keep your eyes peeled for a world premiere festival announcement shortly.

Bloody Disgusting!

‘Our Evil’ Turns a Serial Killer onto a Possessed Girl (Trailer)By Brad Miska on February 2, 2017@bradmiska

Genre specialist, Jinga Films, the company that discovered A Serbian Film, Rabies and The House at the End of Time has just launched its Berlin Film Festival marketing campaign for Samuel Cunha Galli‘s supernatural thriller Our Evil (Mal Nosso) with a red band trailer that looks like it came direct from the Devil.

Set in the seedy underbelly of Sao Paulo, Brasil, an exorcist (Ademir Esteves) uses the dark web to employ a serial killer (Ricardo Casella) to protect his daughter (Laura Pepita) from demonic possession.

Jinga CEO Julian Richards, discovered Our Evil whilst serving on the jury of Blood Windows, a genre sidebar of the Latin American film market in Ventana Sur, Argentina. “It’s a sensational, stylized film with a narrative that keeps subverting your expectations” said Richards “It’s a brutal, terrifying experience, but at it’s heart it’s about the love a father has for his daughter and the sacrifices he will make to keep her safe”.

Alan Jones, director of the UK’s leading genre festival FrightFest describes the thriller as “shocking, surprising, gripping and always keeps you guessing. Our Evil will change the game for future Latin American genre cinema”.


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16:41 09/01/2017(Updated 16:58 01.09.2017) Get short link

Topics: Georgia through the eyes of foreigners ( 59 ) 2495203 Brett Walker from London told Sputnik about why he decided to move to Georgia and what he is doing. Brett Walker – Creator and producer from London. It is engaged in the promotion of one of the Georgian films about the prison system the beginning of the 2000s. Another interesting project that he is working – cafe, which will be created by a creative space for those who want to create. Privorozhenny mountains My old friend from Britain living in Georgia for three years. He told me a lot about Georgia Mountains, about the Caucasus region as a whole. Before coming here I had heard about the great buildings of the Soviet period, which is empty. Of course, I heard of Georgian wine, which many praising. © SPUTNIK / ALEXANDER IMEDASHVILI Georgia through the eyes of foreigners in 2016 The first time came to Georgia in the early summer. What most surprised me in Georgia? Summer. June. All blooms all around the green, fresh, young and beautiful. High and mighty mountains, covered with forests and the blue haze, the rivers that merge into one in the valley … Yes, wonderful nature! I stopped in Mtskheta. This is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, where there are interesting historical monuments such as the Jvari and Svetitskhoveli. It was all very interesting, after London, which is quite a busy schedule and do not have time to enjoy nature. They paid little attention to it, but here the feeling of unity with it. When I first arrived in Tbilisi, I was very surprised how many old cars goes through the city. Driving – another sore subject for me it is strange, and it is unclear why Georgia lead this way, virtually breaking all the rules. Soviet architecture of the 50s in the mix with a German about the XIX century, some Muslim and Moorish elements struck me. Tbilisi is very colorful and very beautiful city, itself.

Brett Walker I used to think that Georgia – a quiet town with a measured way of life, however, was not so. It’s quite a busy and bustling city, like many European cities. There is no such diversity, both in London, where he lives a huge number of people of different nationalities. However, sometimes it seems that here all know each other and live as one big family. All of Georgia is quite different culturally from those countries in which I have been. London became a city where you want to be a zombie to survive. Why? Yes, almost all of my earnings went to just having to spend – as housing, food, clothing, etc. In Britain, it became prohibitively expensive to live. And in Georgia, I was attracted by the price of accommodation – very cheap in comparison with Britain. People have become quite aggressive after Brexit-a. It kind of breaks the British culture, in my opinion. People became angry with Europeans coming to work in London. This is not a country, and not the city where I was born and raised. And it is very painful to say, but the country is already there! No it – a country which I loved … Cinema – a whole life I work in the field of cinema. I have an agreement with an Italian agency, selling movies. We mainly buy and sell modern art-house films to various customers from the US, Britain, Canada and other countries. © SPUTNIK / LEVAN AVLABRELI Top 10 underrated Georgian films I also have my agency and Alief. It works in prodakshene, marketing and the development of film industry. Now I am engaged in the promotion of Georgian film, we cooperate with “Georgian film studio”. What is this movie? It is based on real events. The film tells about the prison system early 2000s in Georgia. Key events unfold in a Tbilisi prison at a time when the ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili declared a so-called “zero tolerance” and became a tough fight against crime. At that time, people even for the most minor offense is getting pretty serious time. Excessively violent approach to people – it is impossible to forget! The film tells the story of how rugby team has been involved in the prison system. As the sport has helped juvenile prisoners become productive members of society? He taught them to work in a team, helped restore faith in life and freedom. And most importantly – helped them to return home and become productive members of society. I am engaged in project financing – looking different investors. In short, I take care that the movie was filmed. I’m also involved in negotiations with the Georgian rugby team and a team from the UK to hold a charity match. This will help increase the popularity of the future picture and attract sponsors. © SPUTNIK / DENIS ASLANOV Brett Walker It is important that this film was made, because I was very interested in it, and the story moved to the depths. For more than 20 years working in the film industry during this time managed to carry out a variety of different projects. And I want that, too, was successful and raised Georgia’s popularity on the world stage. Cinema – this is for me a lifetime! cozy cafe We are working with our partners here on another project – open a small cafe, which is designed to work, the so-called workspace. What is it all about? The main idea of ​​the project – to create a workspace where they can work comfortably and freelancers to create and people the creative industry. © SPUTNIK / LEVAN AVLABRELI I am a Georgian, born in the body of Briton The main thing is it will be a meeting place. People will be able to find new friends, business partners, learn the news and just having a good time. We try to work with the young Georgian artists, establishes cooperation with photographers, people in the fashion industry, etc. Another chip will be our cafe coffee from Britain. There is absolutely no developed culture kofepitiya. I think it will be very cool to bring and popularize here some of the best varieties of coffee, which can be drunk in Britain. In Tbilisi, a lot of problems! It seems to me that one of the biggest challenges – new opportunities for young people. Salaries are relatively low, which means low motivation to work. That is why I think that there are few opportunities for career building. However, not all that bad, began to open large shopping malls, where the booming retail. It pushes the economy forward, creating the opportunity for advancement. © SPUTNIK / LEVAN AVLABRELI From Georgia to Georgia: as an American decided to live in Georgia Another severe problem – pollution. A lot of cars on the roads, which are absolutely not checked. They have long been out of order, they are almost disposed of in the West, but here they go and pollute the environment. It should be noted that in Georgia, stunning nature, and I do not want it to get lost in the background of strong pollution. Tbilisi – the city is not for pedestrians. There are few sidewalks, and where they are – people just park, which is also quite wrong and it is difficult to imagine in the West. In short, there is a lot of work! Another problem – there are no direct flights to Tbilisi. This often discourages investors, and indeed all the people who want to do business here. At a foreigner who is working here, it does not always have the ability to just get to Tbilisi. It takes a day or two, a person gets tired, teeter on the airport – it is wrong. The Government should work to increase direct flights to Tbilisi from European cities. Despite all the problems, I like to live in Georgia. There are places that are considered among the most beautiful that I have ever seen. For example, Tusheti. There we climbed on a dangerous mountain road, passes and serpentines get to wildlife. It was pretty scary! However, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! It happened to me a funny story. We were there for a religious festival held in August. On it, I met with some locals. With one of them I talked, they questioned me where I am, what’s doing. I replied: “I’m from London but live in Tbilisi.” It was nice to hear their answer: “Once you live in Tbilisi, it means you are Georgians!” Very pleased that the society accepts me, and here I do not feel like a stranger. But the problems are everywhere, just above them to work, so that our lives become better.