The Whistler (El Silbon)
Gisberg Bermúdez
Horror 91'
Spanish (ENG Subs)
Awards Best Ibero American Film - Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre FF 2018, Critics Award - Festival del Cine Venezolano 2018, Best Independent Feature - L'Aquila Horror FF 2017
Festivals Fantaspoa FF 2019, BARS FF 2018, Blood Window FF 2017, Montevideo Fantastico FF 2017, WP - Morbido FF 2017

A father wrestles with a curse and saving his daughter's soul from a phantasmagorical figure.
In a race against the clock, a father struggles to find the origins of The Whistler's curse to stop the gradual possession of his daughter by the supernatural entity.

According to folklore from the Los Llanos natives of Colombia and Venezuela, centuries ago a child murdered his miserable wretch of a father, and when his family tortured and killed the boy as retribution, he came back as a ferocious ghost dubbed "el Silbón" (or "the Whistler"), who now descends from the trees after whistling an ominous tune to savage drunks and philanderers.

Venezuelan director Gisberg Bermúdez takes a multi-directional approach to adapting this legend into the movie "The Whistler." Part of the film retells El Silbón's origin story, and part follows a father who worries that his daughter is being possessed by the creature's spirit.

Like a lot of recent South American and Central American horror, "The Whistler" is a mood piece, relying heavily on deep shadow and rich sound design to spook the audience. But it's a richly imagined film, drawing its eerie power from the depths of male guilt.

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