Lucy Cohen
Drama Thriller 98'
UK English Language
Festivals WP - Glasgow FF 2024

A summer holiday and an old folk tale bring two 11-year-olds together as they set out to explore just what, or who, is calling to them, from deep within an abandoned tin mine.

11-year-old Evie arrives in Cornwall expecting a girls’ holiday with her mum.
But when she meets local boy Adam, a mysterious discovery down an old tin mine changes everything.
As they begin to question what is real and imagined in their lives above ground, childhood narratives unravel and a darker, more complex picture of the adult world takes shape.

''Young newcomers Flora Hylton (Evie) and Joel Sefton-Iongi (Adam) make impressive debuts in this story of burgeoning adolescence and the secrets adults keep.'' - Glasgow FF

Lucy Cohen

Julia Nottingham, Ariadne Kotsaki

Josie Walker (Belfast), Nichola Burley (The Gold), Flora Hylton, Joel Sefton-Iongi

The film is Lucy Cohen's narrative feature debut following her critically-acclaimed and BAFTA-nominated documentary KINGDOM OF US (Netflix).

EDGE OF SUMMER was developed and produced by Dorothy St Pictures with the support of BBC Film and BFI, awarding National Lottery funding. Executive produced by Eva Yates, Kristin Irving and Fergus Haycock, the producers are Julia Nottingham and Ariadne Kotsaki for Dorothy St Pictures.