(Dirección Opuesta)

by Alejandro Bellame
Coming of Age Drama 122'
Venezuela Italy
English Subs
Festivals NY Latino FF, Festival del Cine Venezolano, Chicago Latino FF 2021 WP Cinequest FF 2020
Awards Critics Award, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Photography, Best Screenplay - Festival del Cine Venezolano. Audience Award - Chicago Latino FF 2021

Eugenia, is torn between fulfilling or not a promise made 13 years ago to Luis, his brief and tragic teen love.
Meet three young people – in wretched, ostracized, breathtakingly beautiful Venezuela – on spring break and on the road, in search of a way out, and answers to unanswerable questions.

Luis and Vadier join 17-year-old Eugenia on a road trip in search of Eugenia's unknown Italian grandfather whose citizenship may guarantee her a European passport and a way out of Venezuela's political and economic crisis. After a torrid affair, she promises Luis that they will meet in Rome in 13 years. Time passes and the now adult Eugenia receives a phone call reminding her of that promise, one she no longer wants to keep. "Opposite Direction" is much more than a portrait of the Venezuelan diaspora; it's a story about hopes dashed and restored.

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