Megan Seely
Black Comedy 96'
USA English Language
Festivals WP - Cinequest 2024

A burned-out videogame designer terrified of vulnerability — discovers a mysterious society of adults who heal their darkest secrets through childlike play.

The film follows anxious videogame designer Liz’s therapeutic odyssey into a secret society of

adults who play like they are little kids. Led by the alluring Sylvester Cromwell, the group

compels each member to reveal their most shameful memory, with the promise of

psychological healing through childlike play. But when Liz finally gains the courage to share her

own darkest trauma, her world turns upside down and she must find her own way to free

herself of her past.

Megan Seely Productions presents

PUDDYSTICKS, a joyously twisted dark comedy

produced by Alex Coco (A24’s RED ROCKET)

and Olympian Alexi Pappas, starring Mamoudou Athie (JURASSIC WORLD), Dan Bakkedahl

(VEEP), Danny Deferrari (SHIVA BABY), and writer/director Megan Seely.